Typefaces As Cultural Objects is a resource that collects typefaces and letterforms by Latin American designers that honor and preserve Latin American culture.

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🇺🇸 English by Juan Villanueva

🇵🇪 Español por Juan Villanueva

🇧🇷 Português por B. Benedicto

Each of these projects is a cultural artifact that honors, preserves, restores, revives, translates, adapts, interprets, or reimagines the memories and graphic language of a particular time and place. By containing memories of our struggles and achievements, they are also here to remind us of where we come from and where we might be heading.

These letterforms contain multiple histories and narratives, which I hope will catalyze future conversations about the intersection of type and culture.

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This evolving list is curated and maintained by Juan Villanueva, a type designer and educator from Peru working at Monotype and based in Brooklyn, NY.

****Thanks to: Gabriel Pulpo, Cristóbal Henestroza, Aline Kaori, Diego Sanz Salas, Javier Viramontes, and B. Benedicto for your contributions. And special thanks to Tanvi Sharma for asking me about this topic and giving me the push I needed to compile this list.


Typefaces as Cultural Objects

Tipografías como Objetos Culturales

Tipografias como Objetos Culturais

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